The Journey to Find the Perfect Book

Last  Monday when I was at school, we were handed over an assignment. In this assignment, we are supposed to write a blog about a book. The first thing that popped into my head was that this is going to be an interesting assignment.

In the initial stage, I was totally blank and had no idea about which book I was going to select. It is a huge challenge to find the perfect book. Personally,  I am a very picky person when it comes to choosing books to read.

Before this assignment, during a book search process on Google with my friends, surprisingly I was happened to see a book name called “Shahana” and that’s my name too, as you know. I bought it without any second thought but it was lying in my bookshelf for a while because, I want to complete reading of some other books which I have started earlier. After our teacher handed over this assignment, I thought that I should revisit my bookshelf to find a good book. I spotted “Shahana” in the bookshelf and read about the excerpt on the cover. Honestly, I was completely hooked on it. I started to read the first couple of pages and it seemed so interesting.

This book was written by Rosanne Hawke and this is the first book in the series “Through my eyes”. This book is about a child called Shahana who lives in the conflict zone of Azad Kashmir on the Pakistan side of the India-Pakistan border. She is an orphan and takes care of her younger brother Tanveer.  It explains the consequences of two countries border violence to the common people’s view.

The novel narrates the story about the siblings Shahana and Tanveer. One day they were close to the river and by the river and there they see a boy who is in an unconscious state. Will Shahana take the risk to rescue him? What if the village found out that a Muslim girl has an unrelated stranger in their house? And will the boy survive?

It all started with a simple google search, but it can turn out to be a good read. People usually say do not judge the book by its cover (or name), but I hope it is promising to my expectations.


6 thoughts on “The Journey to Find the Perfect Book

      1. I am sorry if you think that, but I have posted this post a long time before I found your blog. To be frank, I don´t see any similaities, without the factor that both of us are writing about books. In this blogpost the task was to write about how you found your book and if you read the next blogposts I am analyzing the characters and settings in the book.
        I like your blog and your writing style is so different and I absolutely love it. I hope you keep on reading my blog. Have a good day.

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