Skimming Through the First Few Pages

I recently started to read the book “Shahana” written by Rosanne Hawke. In the first few pages, we get to know Shahana and about the circumstances around her. Shahana is a girl living in a small village in Pakistan during the Kashmir war. She is living with her sick brother Tanveer and has to take care of her family. In the meantime, she is supposed to take care of a new boy called Zahid who has been found nearby the river. She is an interesting character with a lot of valuable qualities.

Shahana is a character who admires me because she is strong and independent. She is caring for her brother Tanveer who has breathing problems. She is the breadwinner of her family and she needs to earn enough to support her brother’s medical expenses. The best characteristic about Shahana is her helping nature, even in a poor condition that she already is in. I am absolutely in love with the character Shahana.

After reading the first chapter I was totally fascinated by the book and it did make an impression on me. I learnt about the seriousness and difficulty that is connected to living in a war zone. I have never lived in a such situation, but it does still affect me. When I am reading the first few pages I was drowned into the circumstances around Shahana. I feel like I am her and that I can feel her pain in her tough condition.

This girl meets a few obstacles through her journey. For instance, Shahana is working with a greedy employer called Mr. Nadir who is also utilizing children as labours. Unsurprisingly she has to face a lot of challenges from her employer, because he has some cunning suggestions.  He suggests that Shahana should get married and by that her brother can be employed, but Shahana, she knows that she is too young for marriage and her brother’s abduction will happen only over her dead body. So, she is so stubborn on her decisions and refuses to accept all of her employer’s suggestion. The key point of this story is that she is strong in her opinion and none can change her mind.

All in all, I am falling in love with this character. I absolutely admire her confidence, courage, brilliance and her kind heart.



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