Going to the Core of the Book

Almost everything has a message, and the same rule applies to literature. In literature, it is called theme and that is the moral of the story that anyone can be taken into anyone’s lives. To be able to find the theme we have to go deep into the book and try to find it. The novel I am reading is called “Shahana” and it has several themes that can be meaningful for all human beings.

Firstly, forgiveness and letting go are one of the main themes in the book. In the start, Shahana
 hated militants, especially Indian militants because they had killed her family members and that is why she has to live independently and take care of her younger sibling. If the Indian militants did not kill her family she could maybe go to school and not work. All these thoughts are in Shahana´s mind and she wants to take revenge on the opponents. Then she meets Armaan, an Indian militant that helps her out when she needs it the most. She learns that she can´t hate someone throughout her life and that forgiveness is the key to success.

Another theme in this book is that we can´t paint everybody with the same brush. Armaan is an Indian militant, but he has a good heart and that is the most important. He is a good person even though he is a part of the Indian army.  Every individual is different you can´t judge the book by its cover, you have to look at each individual. Everybody is different and you have to treat them as the person they are not as a group or race they belong to.

Themes are important because they are subjective and can apply to anyone. “Shahana” has two important themes, such as forgiveness is essential in order to live a good life. As well as, that we cannot treat everybody the same because everybody is unique.


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